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    Meat Meal


Product Description

Meat Meal is animal source protein concentrate designed to replace costly conventional raw material.

Meat Mealis cooked and hydrolyzed to improve digestibility and inactivate antinutrional factors and sterilized by HTSD (High Temperature Short Duration) technology for making it pathogen free for poultry feeding.

Analysis of Meat Meal

Protein: 60-65%

Metabolisable Energy: 2400 Kcal

Lysine: 1.75 %

Methionine: 0.60%

Cystine: 0.12%

Threonine :1.00%

Arginine: 4.25%

Lenoleic Acid: 1.60%

Calcium : 1-2%

Phosphourus: 0.25%

Fibre: 1.60%

Salt: 3.5%

Moisture: 10 %

E.Coli and salmonella : Absent

Mould : Absent

Texture: Gray coloured free flow granules

Odour: Free from bad odour

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