De-Oiled Rice Bran

  • De-Oiled Rice Bran

    De-Oiled Rice Bran


Product Description

Rice bran is a by-product of the rice milling process in which brown rice is converted to white rice. It is highly beneficial to human health because of the antioxidants and oils present in it.  The rice bran is generally processed to extract the oil present in it that is mainly used for cooking purposes because of its low fat content. Once the oil is extracted the left product is de oiled rice bran which has very less fat, low fiber content. The de oil rice bran pallets are rich sources of valuable amino acids like methionine, cystine & lysine and phosphorus and are the prime sources of  food for fish, poultry and cattle.

Protein 13-15%
Fibre 14%
Sand Slica 5-6%
Moisture 8-10%
Afflatoxin Zero (Nil) PPB

Cattle feed
Poultry feed
Fish feed
Used for manufacturing sodium silicate, silica gel, insulation bricks etc (using fully burnt white ash of husk)

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